The Kickstarter Revolution: A Guide to Successful Crowdfunding

Nathaniel Hansen


When Nathaniel Hansen set out in May 2010 to fund his idea for a documentary using a site called Kickstarter, he wasn’t sure what to expect. After all, the concept of “crowdfunding”, which lets contributors and fans help fund a project in return for rewards, was fairly new and unproven, and would people really contribute their own money to help him realize his vision?

It turns out, yes. Three weeks later, Hansen had surpassed his $11,000 goal and realized a revolution was at hand in how people funded their ideas and passion. Soon others were asking him how to launch a crowdfunding campaign, and over time the filmmaker developed and fine-tuned a method for creating successful crowdfunding campaigns, and found the same principles and methods applied no matter what the project, whether it was for a movie, a new business idea, or a new technology product.

This book will explain and walk you through Nathaniel Hansen’s proven method of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, giving you practical steps along the way on how to apply it to your own project. Based on personal experiences shared by the author, culled from dozens of successfully funded projects, as well as case studies of successful high-profile projects, this book provides a much sought after road map for anyone thinking of using to fund their next venture, large or small.

Connected World: The consumer technology revolution

Editor: Jenn Marston


Connectivity changes everything. That’s the credo driving just about every corner of our day-to-day lives. As human beings, we are now connected to one another through not just our social networks but also our cars, the books we read, the albums we download and even our own health and wellness habits (to name just a few areas).

In this collection of essays, GigaOM Pro brings you insight from our some of our top analysts into the most dynamic areas in the technology market. From David Card’s look at the socialization of the digital music market to Michael Wolf’s analysis of the creative destruction happening in book publishing, to Adam Lesser’s profile of new ways of sharing resources using the consumer web to leading connected health expert Jody Ranck’s snapshot of how connectedness is fueling change in a healthcare industry that vitally needs it, this e-book will give you a better understanding of how major trends in consumer technology and the web are reshaping the world around us.

The Battle for the Books: Inside Google’s Gambit to Create the World’s Biggest Library

Jeff Roberts


At the dawn of the e-book era, librarians predicted it would take 1,000 years to scan the world’s books. Then, one company set about to do it in five.

Even by the search giant’s standards, it was a bold move. As Google beat a path to the door of the world’s libraries and proceeded to scan everything from War and Peace to Watership Down, the company’s quest to build the largest library triggered a power struggle of massive proportions, as everyone from Amazon to the Justice Department and writers across the world rushed to halt the project.

In this compelling book, Jeff Roberts gives the first detailed account of Google’s grand plan to build a modern day Library of Alexandria and its subsequent undoing, and shows how Google’s gambit changed the way we view knowledge in the digital era.

Cut the Cord: All You Need to Know to Drop Cable

Janko Roettgers


Tired of paying $100 or more for cable every month? Would you like to cancel or cut back on your pay TV subscription, but are afraid you’ll miss out on any of your favorite shows? Want to watch Netflix or Hulu on your big screen TV, but unsure of what device to buy?

Then look no further, because this indispensible guide from consumer entertainment and technology expert Janko Roettgers will guide you through the process to finally freeing yourself of high-priced pay TV subscriptions while still getting all your favorite video entertainment on your TV. Cut the Cord: All You Need to Know to Drop Cable & Free Your TV tells you in easy to understand language how to get your favorite TV shows, movies, news and sports without cable, while arming you with all the information you’ll need to pick from the variety of devices available, whether it’s Apple TV, Google TV, Roku or some other offering. Each section is jam-packed with tips and tricks from the experts, including links to videos and other resources online.

Janko Roettgers has been reviewing devices and services that help you to get rid of or curtail your cable expenses for more than five years, and he has compiled the best ones in this e-book. His clear, approachable style of writing helps to you find the best solution for your personal TV viewing needs, whether you’re an avid Apple user with a hunger for the latest tech or a self-professed computer illiterate who would just like to save a few bucks.

Connected Health: How mobile phones, cloud, and big data will reinvent healthcare

Jody Ranck, DrPH


Our current healthcare system is in need of a radical reinvention. Traditional approaches have not brought the rapid change required by aging populations and the rising costs of healthcare, and government efforts too often get bogged down in partisan politics and fail to address systemic issues.

Thankfully, there is hope on the horizon. New approaches that embrace game-changing technology — mobile networks, big data, social media, and the Internet of things — could completely disrupt the status quo and transform the healthcare system. For this change to occur, we must create new institutions and collaborative markets and promote a cultural shift in how we think about medicine, health, and the body. Only then will the path to disruptive innovation be able to overcome its many obstacles and reach a future where health strategists are conversant in the tools and technologies of cooperation.

This volume provides a comprehensive overview of the emerging connected health ecosystem, including the startups and traditional technology players shaping the future of healthcare and innovative approaches by the government that demonstrate the need to move beyond the tired rhetoric of big government versus the market in healthcare.

A near-term outlook for big data

Editor: Jenn Marston


Big data – which is any data that doesn’t fit neatly into a traditional database due to its unstructured format, the high speed at which it comes in, or the sheer volume of it – touches everything from enterprises and hospitals to smart-meter startups and connected devices in the home. Every interaction with a technology device, website, social network contributes tothe fast-growing world of big data, and enterprises, government and other institutions are just beginning to harness the power of this mountain of information.

The following seven pieces, written by a handpicked collection of GigaOM Pro analysts, offer insights on how big data is impacting the way we work, how businesses run, and world at large.

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