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“ I had no time to prepare for an industry presentation to some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. I needed to come up to speed very quickly on mobile payments. I'd already activated my Gigaom (Research) subscription...I found report after report incredibly useful. It's like my secret weapon. It's just a way to get smarter faster, and I'm a fan. ”
—Sam Ramji,
VP of Strategy, Apigee

How do you validate the current assumptions guiding your technology roadmap?

A Japanese Fortune 500 company leveraged Gigaom's diverse set of analysts and content on Digital Media, Big Data and IoT to hold onsite strategic advisory sessions around investment opportunities and internal product roadmap initiatives.

How do you keep tabs on what emerging technology trends are going to impact your industry 3-5 years out?

A Fortune 500 company leveraged five Gigaom Research analysts to participate in an internal leadership summit. Gigaom analysts led conversations on trends that will transform Consumer targeting, Cross-platform UX, Optimizing content for digital Media, and IoT technologies over the next 2-5 years.

How do you learn from the challenges of early adopters?

Our Research Director attended the CIO customer event of a Fortune 50 company to moderate a panel and participate in discussion around the IaaS market landscape. Our Research Director then authored an internal competitive analysis report for the client that highlighted the key findings of the event.

How do you get a handle on enterprise mobile management technologies and the suitability of the various tool vendors?

Gigaom Research subscribers look to analysts like Cormac Foster to identify the anticipated disruption vectors and the key trends that will disrupt the marketplace over the next 24 months.

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